About Me

My name is Pat Adams. I have been sewing for over 40 years. Both my grandmother and mom were known for their quilting. I made my first full-size quilt over 25 years ago, which was the only quilt I have ever tied. After that quilt I made two full-size quilts which I attempted to hand quilt. (Not for me!) About ten years ago I discovered the mighty rotary cutter and the machine quilting technique of stitching in the ditch.  It was at that time I truly began to get excited about making quilts. Because cotton batts were not readily available when I first began quilting, my first quilts were filled with poly batting and were more like comforters. For the past six years I've used wonderful cotton (and now wool and bamboo) battings and seek out as much opportunity to free-motion machine quilt as possible. The fabrics, shows, books, magazines, techniques and classes available now are incredible. The time has never been better to be a quilter.

With paper-piecing I became interested in designing my own blocks. This led to learning an autoCAD program, which then allowed me to explore designing quilting motifs. I also use EQ5 for designing quilts. All of the quilts and wallhangings that you will see on the site were created using that software.

As my collection of designs grew I became interested in sharing them with others, which then challenged me to learn how to publish them on the Internet. All this learning has been a blast!

I try to add one or two free patterns each month. Some of the free designs I have used myself, but many I have not. I hope you enjoy my designs and find other helpful information at my web site.

Contact me at patadams@forestquilting.com

Where I live: Minnesota

I find so much inspiration from the landscape of Minnesota, along with the colors of the seasons.  We are fortunate to have many state forests and parks to visit.  We also have over 10,000 lakes, plus we border Lake Superior.

I will always offer a few pictures of the beauty of Minnesota for you to enjoy.

Kayaking on Bad Medicine
Bad Medicine Lake
June 2012

Itasca State Park walking bridge
MN Itasca State Park
June 2012
Itasca State Park Walking Bridge
MN Itasca State Park
June 2012

Itasca State Park Pioneer Cemetery
Lake Itasca: Source of the Mississippi
Lady Slipper
MN State Flower
Ready for Winter - White Earth State Forest
Beaver Home
January 2011 Winter Scene
Winter Scene
Northern Minnesota Forest
Minnesota State Fair
Minnesota State Fair